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What is a Personal Chef?

Personal ChefAmong many specialized areas within the field of Culinary Arts is the evolving notions of working as a Personal Chef . The history of Culinary Arts does not possess how, when and where the track of working as a Personal Chef evolved. However, it may evolved at a time when one of the talented cook worked for the several affluent families or when someone cooked food for their friends and family members. The history of this evolving area is not very known and still open for discussion.

The Personal Chef is hired to prepare food for private employers, their families, and their friends. A Personal Chef can work for one or multiple private employers at one point in time. They offer the meal services for time-stressed customers, who need someone to prepare delicious and healthy food at their own place.

Duties of a Personal Chef

The Personal Chef s are expected to manage all kitchen related duties. It includes planning the menu, purchasing ingredients from market, paying bills to vendors, preparing food based on preferences of employer, and serving the food in presentable manner. The Personal Chef may also require to clean the kitchen including washing the dishes and wiping the counters. Personal Chef works as a small business operator. Personal Chef does not have any agreement with employer. Personal Chef can choose to work with as many private employers, as many as one can manage.

Based on the needs and priorities of employer, the Personal Chef s are distinguished into different types. Wealthier families may hire a full time Personal Chef to work in their kitchen and cook daily meals for them. Other families may hire Personal Chef for some days in a week or in a month to plan and prepare multiple food stuff at one point in time. This allows family member to heat up meals according to their own preference and convenience.

The Personal Chef s are mostly employed by many individuals depending on their needs. The employers may include career-oriented individuals, couples with children, single parents, individuals with special dietary needs, aged individuals living alone at their homes, and fine dining clients.

Personal Chef Educational Requirements

The education requirements to work as a Personal Chef vary according to the preference and budget of private employers. Some Personal Chef start their careers from Culinary Schools by acquiring diploma and degree in Culinary Arts. Other may possess on the job training from certain restaurants or hotels. The Personal Chef who possesses the degree in culinary arts can get themselves certified from the American Culinary Federation.

The salary scale of Personal Chef is based on the qualifications, skills, and experience of individual chef. Salary scale of Personal Chef may range between $35 per hour to $50 per hour.

A Personal Chef can make approximately $300 per day by working with more number of employers.  The annual salary of Personal Chef may range from $30,000 to $40,000, based on the budget of client. Keeping in view the requirement and benefits associated with working as Chef , the choice of working as Personal Chef depends upon the individuals wish, competency, creativity, and flexibility

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