Online Culinary Arts Degrees

Online Culinary Arts Degrees are fascinating and provides quality education with feasibility and convenience. Whether individual is interested to work at restaurants, hotels, and hospitals than online culinary arts program provides opportunity to gain all essential culinary skills. There are a number of culinary programs for students who possess previous culinary lab training can continue with advance level training by getting enrolled in online culinary arts programs.

Online Culinary Arts Degrees is a good way to enhance one knowledge and skills related to culinary arts. There are a number of culinary arts programs that aims at home cooks instead of professional cooks. There a number of schools that offers online culinary programs. One needs to identify an authorized and accredited culinary school that offers online program in order to ensure that the degree will be recognized at other places. Some of the famous culinary arts institute that offers online degrees includes Virginia College online that offers Bachelor’s Completion Program, and Ashford University that offers Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

The Chef de Partie

A Chef de Partie is a chef that is responsible for managing a particular area in the kitchen. The position of Chef de Partie is mostly available in huge kitchens with large number of staff. Delegation of duty to look after particular are of kitchen assists in smooth running of kitchen. In large kitchens where there are more Chef de Partie, then they are called by names according to their positions. They are commonly named as Chef number 1, Chef number 2, Chef number 3 and so on.

What is a Personal Chef?

Among many specialized areas within the field of culinary Arts is the evolving notions of working as a Personal Chef . The history of Culinary Arts does not possess how, when and where the track of working as a Personal Chef evolved. However, it may evolved at a time when one of the talented cook worked for the several affluent families or when someone cooked food for their friends and family members. The history of this evolving area is not very known and still open for discussion.

What is a Sous Chef?

The Sous Chef is a key member of kitchen. The Sous Chef lies second in the hierarchy of chefs. The Sous Chef works directly under the executive chef. The Sous Chef must possess enough experience and skills that he can work as an executive chef when necessary. The Sous Chef holds a moderate power, but not all of it.

The duties and responsibilities of Sous Chef includes assisting executive chef in supervising production of foodstuff for mega events. Other job responsibilities of Sous Chef includes preparing food, supervising other chefs, ensuring food quality, and maintaining standards of costs. In addition to these responsibilities, Sous Chef is responsible to assist executive chef in planning menu, arranging and maintaining supplies, ensuring safety of other chefs, and resolving sanitation issues that arise in the restaurants and hotels.

What is a Pastry Chef?

Do you love to make amazing and delicious desserts? Are you creative enough to make innovative and attractive presentation of desserts? Do you like to rationalize everything you do in an imaginative way? If so, then you will surely enjoy the career as Pastry Chef.

A Pastry Chef, also known as pâtissier is a chef that possesses skills of making desserts, cakes, pies, pastries, breads, cookies, icing, doughnuts, and other baked food products. The field of pastry chef is exciting, joyful, interesting, creative, and challenging. Pastry Chef needs to master the art of making attractive and creative food presentations. People demand for the food products that give pleasure to their eyes along with their palates.

Several skills are essential to be acquired in order to work as a Pastry Chef. Pastry chef should possess fundamental culinary abilities along with creative ideas. Pastry chef needs to have basic knowledge of baking along with artistic skills to make beautiful food presentations. Pastry chef needs to be aware about nature and features of all ingredients. This field requires full concentration and attention, as small change in ingredient or amount can make a big difference in quality and taste of food product. Besides skills and knowledge, pastry chef needs stamina, as this field is demanding in nature. Individual may require spending long hours on their feet.