What is Culinary Arts?

What is Culinary Arts? You might associate these words with Cooking Schools, or perhaps Cooking Classes. Well, if you do then you are partly correct. You see, Culinary Arts has a broader definition than Cooking Schools alone.

Culinary Arts or Culinary Art is known as the art of food preparation. This includes an array of area such as cooking, food presentation, food photography, hotel and restaurant management, and much more. If we will summarize this in a simple sentence, we can say that Culinary Arts is an expression of one’s artistic ideas through food or food-related means.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Culinary Arts? Do you immediately picture a chef wearing a tall hat, or perhaps a nicely plated dish served in front of you? Regardless of whatever you might be thinking, Culinary Arts will always be associated with people and food.